Between crafting the hit series Atlanta, releasing the soulful smash single “Redbone,” and starring in the latest Star Wars prequel Solo, Glover has been keeping busy.

That’s not even including his chart-topping ingenious single “This Is America,” which turned pop culture on its head. Now, it’s being reported that Glover is on a short list to star in the reboot of Willy Wonka.

According to Collider, Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller are all being eyed to star in the remake of the children’s classic. The film is rumored to be a prequel which explores just how Willy Wonka became the eccentric candy factory aficionado. Warner Bros., who is bringing the film to life, already has Miller starring in two franchises. Miller plays the Flash in Warner’s DC Comics films, and he also has a major role in the Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter spinoff films, so he may be the favorite for the studio.