DMX was released from prison where he was reunited with his girlfriend and his son, and now that he’s out there are clips circling around the internet that shed light on his knowledge and wisdom.

Throughout one particular interview that was recorded in 2017, the Yonkers legend spoke about overcoming addiction and using his faith in God to get him through dark times, while also sharing some thought-provoking views on the current state of hip-hop.

At one point in the interview, Big Boy of 92.3 The Real asked DMX if he felt the rap genre is being misrepresented, to which he replied “I think so, they’re all promoting drug use, and if that’s what you want to do then that’s your business, but you ain’t gotta promote it like it’s cool.” He then added that it’s not a good look for the culture or genre to have kids walking around popping molly and Xanax.

When asked if it was his responsibility to represent the artform correctly, DMX said: “not just myself but whoever can, whoever has the insight to see it, and the talent and the ability to do the right thing, so it’s all of our responsibility.”