According to reports, over 600 Iranians have passed away after drinking high-concentration alcohol based on a widespread rumor that drinking pure alcohol was a cure for coronavirus.

In terms of the spread of coronavirus in the Middle East, Iran has reportedly suffered the most severe outbreak, with 62,589 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Along with the news of the deaths related to the rumored alcohol โ€œcure,โ€ 3,000 people are reportedly in the hospital as a result of drinking alcohol. Iranian Judicial spokesman Gholam Esmaili issued a statement on the number of people who were lost to the incident, saying,

โ€œThe numbers are very high and are beyond our expectations. Alcohol consumption is not a cure but can be lethal.โ€ Esmaili also urged people not to try out the rumored cure, and noted that โ€œa number people have been arrested.. and we will deal with them decisively.โ€ย