Diddy has been very active on social media, with the producer and mogul previously calling out Apple Music and Spotify over the set release days, seemingly saying “f**k that.” 

Diddy has also been doing a lot of press and recently revealed how generous he was one time in Las Vegas, noting he left a $250,000 tip for a casino dealer. While on the iHeartRadio ‘Countdown’ show, Diddy talked about giving the dealer $250K after he ended up hitting for $2 million. When asked what was the largest tip he left, Diddy said “$250,000, I had won $2 million in Vegas and so I tipped the person that was the dealer.” 

Diddy continued saying he is all for everyone winning around him. “If I’m on a yacht, you know what I’m saying, maybe it’s a tip for a whole crew but for one person it was a quarter of a million dollars. If I win, we all win,” said the mogul.