Clarence Avant earned his names as the Black Godfather having been a man who made things happen in the music industry, entertainment, and politics.

It’s obvious that someone with such a background would be emulated by the likes of someone like Diddy. On the heels of Avant’s passing, Diddy took to social media where he penned a heartfelt tribute to one of his idols. 

“Clarence Avant was the definition of a free, fearless Black man,” Diddy began. “He never allowed any level of adversity or limitation stop him from paving his own path and advocating for Black creators to be valued and respected at the highest level. He was a very successful record executive, entrepreneur and dealmaker. But more importantly, he was the most trusted and reliable relationship anyone could have.”

“He kicked down doors, shattered stereotypes, and showed all of us aspiring leaders that nothing is more important than impact,” Diddy continued. “[Clarence] Avant was the definition of leading by example and lifting your people up with you. He was never selfish with information. He wanted to see us all win and would stand with us in the fight. He was more than someone I looked up to, he became one of my most beloved mentors and friends who taught me how to always show up. Clarence Avant always answered the call.”