Data journalist Semmi W. created a diagram that breaks down Nipsey Hussle’s distribution of wealth, which were broken down into six categories: Entertainment, Tech, Real Estate, Philanthropy, Food, and Lifestyle.

Aside from his music, Nipsey gained attention for giving back to his neighborhood, and famously setting up his store, The Marathon Clothing Store in Crenshaw. He also had plans to expand the commercial strip that he bought and build a six-story residential unit built above the plaza.

Nipsey also opened a STEM academy and a co-working space in South L.A. before he was tragically killed. He also had a big part in the formation of Destination Crenshaw, a public art space opening in 2020. It’s estimated that Nipsey hired, assisted, or impacted over 41,000 people in his career, and you can take a look at the breakdown above.