Dennis Smith Jr. and Under Armour have just unveiled their latest collaboration, by way of a limited-edition colorway for the UA Anatomix Spawn that pays tribute to the rising stars favorite character from Mortal Kombat.

The “MK11 Sub-Zero” will debut next week, only days after Mortal Kombat 11 is released in North America and Europe. The colorway resembles Sub-Zero’s classic design complete with frozen detailing and an icy sole, in addition to a frosted outline along the Under Armour logo itself. Additionally, on the Under Armour website, the sneakers are being promoted as having the ability to “freeze your opponents on the hardwood.”

“When I’m playing, I imagine myself as Sub-Zero on the court, ice cold and always ready to compete,” Smith Jr. recently said about the new sneakers, “this custom colorway of the UA Anatomix Spawn brings my love for Mortal Kombat and Sub-Zero to life, and I’m excited to share it with players who also share my same gaming passion.”

Meanwhile, the Sub-Zero’s are only one of six Mortal Kombat inspired colorways that Under Armour reportedly plans to release, as other versions inspired by Scorpion, Raiden, Sonya Blade, Skarlet, and Shao Khan were showcased at a Los Angeles event back in January.