A drug bust in the Bronx yielded a nice return for authorities who managed to seize 300,000 pills and 11 lbs. of powder fentanyl found hidden in an SUV gas tank. Federal agents say the street value of the drugs seized was $5 million and noted how Cartels are utilizing new smuggling tactics to get drugs into the United States. Per ABC 7 (Chicago):

“The red Ford Expedition with Texas license plates stopped in the Bronx. A task force of DEA agents and New York police officers discovered a hidden compartment leading to the gas tank from inside the SUV. […] Submerged in the tank, agents found 300,000 blue fake oxycodone pills that contained fentanyl, and 5 kilograms, or more than 11 lbs., of powdered fentanyl in vacuum-sealed packages.” 

Driver Enrique Perez, 44, of Columbus, Ohio was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.