Although Lil Nas X recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 with his breakthrough single “Old Town Road,” one artist that appears to not be amused by its success is Dave East, who recently took to social media to make his thoughts on the record known.

“That f***** ‘Old Town Road’ s*** is fucking wack,” East said to the camera, before adding that he doesn’t know “what the f*** is going on with hip-hop.” From there, he let it be known that he wasn’t hating, however, his opinion is “that the s*** is wack with a cape on it. It’s super wack!”

With that said, Lil Nas X’s recent success has appeared to have been embraced by hip-hop overall, with multiple artists coming to his defense after his track was controversially taken off the Hot Country Songs chart for “not embracing enough elements” of the genre. Additionally, the song has also been remixed by Young Thug as well as Billy Ray Cyrus, the latter of whom helped the 20-year-old Atlanta artist break Drake’s single week streaming record that was previously held by God’s Plan.