01 May

Dave Chappelle: Floyd Mayweather Had “Greatest Run” in Boxing History

Dave Chappelle can’t say whether or not Floyd Mayweather Jr. ought to make a return to the fight game in the UFC octagon.

The legendary comedian can only speak to the situation as a boxing fan, and as such, he believes that Mayweather has already backed up his claim that he is The Best Ever (TBE).

During a brief run-in with a TMZ reporter over the weekend, the legendary comedian confessed that he is not into Mixed Martial Arts, and from his angle doesn’t see that there would be anything to gain for Floyd in regards to his legacy. But, to be fair, Chappelle admits that he isn’t up on what kind of money would be up for negotiation, and nor can he say, with confidence, where Floyd’s head is at as the months pass by and a buzz grows around the potential for an even bigger payday than he earned in fighting Conor McGregor last Summer.

“I think Floyd made a clean getaway. I think he had a great record and the greatest run in the history of boxing,” said Chappelle. “Whatever makes him happy, you know what I mean? But I think he did his thing.”

Floyd Mayweather finished his career by surpassing the long-heralded 49-0 mark that Rocky Marciano retired with in 1955. Although there have been fighters throughout history who’ve had longer undefeated streaks (Julio Cesar Chavez won 89 consecutive fights without a loss before Frankie Randall defeated him in 1994), Marciano’s record was considered by many to be the standard until The Money Team mogul came along.

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