The rollout for the COVID-19 vaccine has found some countries rapidly vaccinating their population, while others have struggled with the amount of vaccine available to citizens.

Now, a British vaccine deployment minister has noted that a pill form of the COVID-19 vaccine could appear soon. Nadhim Zahawi recently spoke to Times Radio and said that

“There are technologies with pills and others being developed around the world, and we will continue to look at those. But we’re making sure the UK will always have the capability and capacity to manufacture the variant vaccines that will deal with any variant virus.”

Wayne Channon, the chief executive of the company iosBio—a biotech firm, spoke on turning the vaccine into a tablet, saying, “You catch COVID in your mucosal cells. But with jabs, you get injected into the arm which goes into the muscles and blood cells. Our tablets go straight into mucosal cells to elicit mucosal immunity so we hit the virus where it is.”