Newly released body camera footage reveals the events leading up to a deadly shooting in Colorado.

The video shows a Westminster police officer approaching an SUV parked in the wrong direction on July 25th. The officer asks the driver, later identified as Alicia Duran, what’s going on, but she refuses to roll down her window and answer his questions. Eventually, Duran complies but still refuses to cooperate.

As the officer continues to question her, Duran reaches for something in her middle console. The officer realizes it’s a gun and immediately grabs her arm. Duran is shot as a result. Backup arrives at the scene, and it is discovered that Duran is unresponsive and has passed away. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and the officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave. The body camera footage captures the officer’s emotional response, with him repeatedly apologizing to the people inside the vehicle and expressing his concern for their safety.