While the world of e-commerce thrived due to the public’s demand for essentials, social activity suffered a major setback due to the CDC’s health restrictive guidelines.

Cities all over the country enforced curfews, mask mandates, and venue shutdowns. Even holiday parties were discouraged. So, with a lack of opportunities for people to interact with one another, condom sales plummeted in record numbers. Not just domestically, but all over the world. Two years later, condom manufacturers all across the globe are still feeling the effects of declining sales. Since the global pandemic began back in 2020, condom sales have decreased by 40%, according to the CEO of the world’s top condom manufacturer.

“A large portion [of condoms] is distributed by governments around the world, which have reduced [distribution] significantly during COVID-19,” said Goh Miah Kiat of Karex.

The Malaysian businessman went on to declare that the unavailability of hotels was also a decisive factor as to why condoms are no longer being purchased and used at the same rate. It does not appear as though the trend will be reversing itself anytime soon. So for now, it will be up to businesspeople at the forefront of the industry to come up with innovative ways for people to return to the norm.