05 Mar

Common Talks About How Fat Joe Saved Him from Mack 10’s Goons

The younger generation might not be aware of Common’s street credentials but the Chicago-bred MC has never been a chump. During the earlier years in Common’s rap career, he boldly took shots at west coast MCs in the smoothest and most technically-sound way in the classic track “I Used To Love H.E.R.” In the song, Common explains his disdain for hip-hop after the rising popularity of west coast hip-hop and gangsta rap. This later brewed into a beef between Common and Ice Cube that luckily stayed on wax and has been squashed for years now. What many didn’t know is that Common had a run-in with some associates of Mack 10 while shooting a Sprite commercial but the presence of Fat Joe kept things from escalating to the next level.

Common was a guest on Fat Joe’s Coca Vision, a visual/audio podcast on Tidal and revealed how Joe’s reputation in the streets saved Common and his crew from facing off against Mack 10’s goons. Like many stories of similar nature in the culture, it really had nothing to do with Common and Mack 10 running into each other personally.

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