According to reports, Colombia’s most wanted drug trafficker—Dairo Antonio Usaga, was captured by Colombian security forces. Usaga was reportedly on the run for over a decade.

Reports noted that Usaga remained on the run for so long by aligning himself with corrupt state officials. Usaga, also known as Otoniel, was allegedly the head of the Gulf Clan, a syndicate that was pushing to take over important cocaine smuggling routes in Central America, leading to the United States. While speaking to the press, President Ivan Duque compared the arrest of Otoniel to the arrest of Pablo Escobar. The drug trafficker has been on the DEA’s most-wanted list for a long time, with the organization offering a $5 million reward for his capture. Usaga was reportedly indicted in 2009 in a Manhattan federal court for narcotics charges and allegedly assisting a paramilitary terrorist group. The trafficker was also accused of importing 73 tons of cocaine through countries like Panama, Honduras, Mexico, and more. Usaga was captured after 500 soldiers and members of Colombia’s special forces raided the trafficker’s hideout in the jungle, which was reportedly protected by a massive amount of security.