A woman casually stepped out of her vehicle after parking at a lot on Beal Parkway in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Little did she know, she was being watched. Shortly after the mother retrieved her baby from the car, a stick-wielding man named William Branch (43) approached her and snatched her keys. But little did he know, he was being watched. Just as the would-be carjacker hopped inside his new ride, he was yanked out by a Chick-fil-A employee named Mykel Gordon, who overheard the victim screaming in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot. Gordon then wrestled Branch to the ground before putting him in a headlock. A few seconds into the scuffle, more Chick-fil-A employees poured out into the parking lot to help subdue the assailant. Branch was later apprehended by the Okaloosa County Sheriffs and charged with battery and carjacking with a weapon.