Earlier this week, it was reported that Adidas had nearly $500 billion worth of Yeezys in their inventory due to the company’s decision to halt its lucrative business endeavour with Kanye West in the wake of the anti-semitic commentary that he made last October.

The infamous split has already knocked Kanye out of the billion-dollar tax bracket and could cost Adidas $1 billion in revenue. According to reports, the two sides are nearing a deal to reconcile their business relationship to unload the unsold sneakers and recoup their expenses. However, despite the optimistic news, Charlamagne Tha God cast a shadow of doubt over the notion that Kanye and Adidas can realign with one another because of logistics and optics. In fact, the renowned radio host is so confident that the rumoured deal with inevitably fall through he joked that he’d be willing to perform a sexual act if he was proven wrong.