GQ gave Cardi B fans a segmented interview which provided a number of gems.

Although surely not everybody got the responses they tuned in looking to hear; especially not those who may have been banking on the chart-topping rapper to stake her claim to the throne. During the fast trending Q&A, Cardi responded to questions that covered a variety of areas in her personal and professional life. She was presented with the topic of her relationship with fiancee Offset and the rest of the Migos, her transition from working at a supermarket to the years she spent entertaining in strip clubs, and inquiry into what her work and workout schedules are looking like these days. There was even some probing that sought to find out if her wild persona is real – and what’s more – whether or not she is herself fully human.

Considering her recent dominance over the game (especially as it might regard female artists), however, perhaps the most pressing question posed from a hip-hop standpoint asked whether Cardi sees herself as the next ‘queen of rap.’ The answer wasn’t one that spoke to her necessarily having aspirations for such a title, given the nature of the criteria she’d be forced to submit to.