Bun B took to Instagram to speak out about the way the government officials in Texas have handled the state-wide power and water outages amid a winter storm that has devastated the state.

Speaking to viewers from his home in Houston, Bun B revealed that he has power in his home, but he added that like many people in the state, he is without water. He then added that smaller towns in the state have had their water systems shut down completely, as Bun B explained that Texas doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with the recent winter storm. Moving along, Bun B explained Texas’ power situation, as he pointed out that they’re the only state in the country that isn’t connected to the federal supply of energy. He added that Texas broke away from the federal supply, privatized its energy, and monetized it. Through the lack of power throughout the state, people are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and freezing to death. Bun B stated that people are unknowingly putting themselves in danger by leaving their car running in the garage to charge their phones and bringing grills in the house to cook because they haven’t ever been through a winter storm before.