07 Oct

Botham Jean’s Brother on Hugging Amber Guyger: She Still Deserves Love

18-year-old Brandt Jean sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to speak about why he decided to hug Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who killed Brandt’s brother Botham.

Brandt told Strahan, “I know that there’s something called peace of mind and that’s the type of stuff you need to do to have peace of mind. That is why I wake up happy in the morning. That is why I want to live happy later on in my life.” 

He also had advice for others who think they can’t forgive Guyger, stating, “Each and every one has steps to get towards actually forgiving. I probably went through those faster than other people. Some people went through it faster than me. If you are trying to forgive [Guyger], understand that she is a human being. She still deserves love.

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