Bodycam footage was released of Boosie being pulled over on Tuesday (July 12) in Georgia for heavy window tint and concealed tags. 

After the officer claimed he could smell marijuana, they conducted a search of Boosie’s vehicle, which turned up a bag of weed and a large amount of cash. Boosie was frustrated and he could be heard telling the officer:

“I can’t keep going through this though, bro. I just can’t, bro. I don’t do no wrong. I gotta go to y’all superiors and file charges, man. It’s harrassment. It’s every day. I moved to the country to fucking live, bro. I did six years on my back. Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right. I was pulled over because of this bullsh*t car. You f**king muthaf**kas are targeting my vehicle. If I was a white college player, you wouldn’t f**k with my vehicle. If I played soccer or baseball, you wouldn’t f**k with my vehicle. You’d stop me for an autograph.”

Boosie and his passenger, 19-year-old De’Shun Lawrence, were given two citations before the officer let them leave.