Black Panther brought a lot of success and many firsts for the Marvel franchise in only three days.

Movie and comic book lovers everywhere did not disappoint when Black Panther hit the big screen. The film brought Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, and the list goes on to tell a story about family, betrayal, war, and survival.

With not even a full week run, the comic-themed movie has taken on the responsibility of being a gamechanger for Hollywood. Aside from being Marvel’s first African-American directed film, CNN reported it is also the fifth-biggest opening of all time. Director Ryan Coogler snatched the record for largest opening for a black director from The Fate of the Furious‘ F. Gary Gray with a whopping $361 million worldwide.

The all African-American cast is a huge contender under the Marvel umbrella, which brought past box office record breakers like The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Iron Man. The success of Black Panther has undoubtedly made an imprint in the culture, as well. Social media’s attention to the black pride carried throughout the community to see the film has made it that much more enticing. It eloquently disproves the Hollywood belief that diverse casts do not benefit the industry financially. Journalist Jamil Smith, who describes the movie as “splendidly black,” told Time Magazine: