09 Mar

Birdman Recalls Being Invited to Diddy’s Party, Showed Up in White T-Shirt

Birdman released his documentary Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story in February via Apple Music.

In the film, the Cash Money Millionaire chronicles his upbringing, creating one of the biggest rap groups of the 90’s, building a record label empire, and maneuvering around the record industry. Cash Money’s official Instagram page posted a clip from the documentary. In the clip, Birdman recalls a party that he was invited to by Puff Daddy, back when the Hot Boys were still together.

“I went to New York, a couple of times,” states Birdman during the animated short. “Everbody was wearing suits, that’s when the suit s*** was popping,” continues Birdman while a cartoon Puff Daddy dances on screen in a shiny suit. “Where we come from, we don’t wear that. It’s t-shirt, undershirt, or really no shirt,” he explains.

Birdman continues on to state that he was invited to a party by Puff, and he and all this crew showed up in white t-shirts and tank tops. “I got like maybe 100, 200 n***** with me,” brags Birdman. Puffy, surprised at the brigade of men with Birdman, was reluctant to let the crew in. In the end, Puff lets Birdman and his army into the party.


Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story is filled with exclusive stories like that one, and never before seen behind the scenes footage from the Cash Money Empire.

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