Big Sean recently took to Instagram to reveal that he’s grown at least two inches after seeing a chiropractor for twice a week for a year.

In a video posted to his page, Big Sean stood next to his 5’10” friend Ronnie for scale, and Sean appears to be taller than Ronnie. He captioned the video, “How da f*** I grow 2 inches? Chiropractor for a year straight twice a week, that’s how. Straight spine that’s how.”

In the video, Big Sean tells viewers, “My n***a Ronnie 5ā€™10ā€³ solid. So b*tch, look at me next to him, bitch. N***as try and hate on me like Iā€™m 5ā€™6ā€³. Nah, for real, I probably even grew like a couple inches.”