Belly releases his new track titled “P.O.P. (Power of Pussy)” today (July 25). The heart-pumping, mid-tempo cut, which is produced by Ben Billions, showcases Belly’s smooth delivery while he raps about being possessed by a woman.

“She had champagne dreams/Bottles she can’t afford/Oh no, not anymore/Now she model for Ford/Met a rich European/Even got her Dior/Gucci, Prada galore/Went and bought out the stores/Eighteen but she’s mature/Half a mil’ on the core/Dripping sauce, the Venice Porsche parked in front of the porch,” he raps. The inspiration behind the song was, quite frankly, the power a woman can have over a man. The Canadian rapper and producer explains to Complex that women have always been a key spark behind some of the most iconic pieces of art in history.

“I think women in general have always been the focal point of art since the beginning,” Belly says. “Arguably the most famous work of art is the Mona Lisa. One of the inspirations I have always had for my music is women. Being in love, the heartbreak that comes with it. For me ‘P.O.P.’ is a song about the human experience and what we go through as humans on a day to day.”


The video for “P.O.P.” is already being shot and you can check out the behind the scenes footage below. Blac Chyna will join Belly for the music video.