On July 22nd, the Australian Border Force recovered 1,543 pounds of cocaine on a cargo ship that docked the harbor at Port Botany in the country’s largest city, Sydney.

The massive freight of narcotics (valued at $193 million) was concealed in 28 denim bags, each containing about 55 pounds of cocaine,  inside of a shipping enclosure that was disguised as wood products. Thus far, there is no word on where the drugs came from, but according to Australian Federal Police Detective Inspector Luke Wilson, the ship did dock at numerous ports in Central and South America before arriving in his country. Detective Wilson said:

“We are still investigating where the drugs were loaded and who was planning to collect them in Austral. The interception of this amount of drugs would be a significant blow to a well-resourced syndicate and prevents millions of dollars of drug profit flowing back into the syndicate to fund their lavish lifestyles or next criminal venture.”

Upon further review of the drugs by a forensic team, it was discovered that the cocaine bricks had been marked with various numbers, s and the word “Netflix.” The shipment of cocaine to Australia comes at a time when the country has experienced somewhat of a shortage of the drug on its streets. Therefore, had this shipment of narcotics entered the country’s general population, they could have earned the sellers far more than they ever garnered before the global pandemic of 2020.