Attack on Titan is gearing up for its final season and the first trailer has arrived to give fans a preview of the mayhem.

The trailer is careful not to give too much away about the final season’s story, but it shows off the show’s Titan-fighting action. Among the Titans the trailer shows off is a giant Cart Titan with machine gun nests lining his back. If these short glimpses are any indication, seeing a Titan outfitted with guns is going to be a terrifying sight to behold once it arrives on screen. This trailer is also our first real look at the show under its new studio. Attack on Titan’s first three seasons were handled by Wit Studios. But, while Wit’s impressive animation helped the show gain its hit status internationally, it isn’t producing the final season.

Instead, MAPPA is taking over for season 4. MAPPA has been on an impressive run over the last several years producing shows like 2019’s DororoYuri!!!! on IceBanana Fish, and Dorohedoro, as well as the upcoming God of High School. Based on this trailer, the animation will be slightly different for the upcoming season, but it’s visual style is still unmistakably Attack on Titan.

Peep The Trailer Below:



Attack on Titan season 4 is set to debut later this fall and will likely be split into two halves, just like season 3.