01 Mar

Apple to Release Largest iPhone Ever

Apple is set to release three smartphone models later this year.

The company has responded to customers’ needs for phones with multitasking capabilities of phablets such as the Samsung lines. The three models would feature the largest iPhone ever, with a screen of 6.5 inches, an upgraded handset similar to the iPhone X, and a less expensive model. All models would feature the same edge-to-edge screen feature as the iPhone X along with the Face ID software rather than the fingerprint scanner mechanism. Apple is considering a dual SIM card feature in the larger model to allow consumers to use it in some regions without having to switch out the SIM card. In the less expensive model, Apple is acknowledging the similarities of the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 6 model that was released in 2014. It would be upgraded to the new edge-to-edge screen as the iPhone X, coupled with aluminum edges and the glass back of the iPhone 8 instead of the steel and glass used in the iPhone X which puts it at the price it was released at. To further keep the price at a lower price point, the model will have LCD technology.

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