After Apple’s third-quarter numbers came in, it seems as though the tech behemoth is on pace to become the country’s first trillion dollar company.

Apple raked in $53.3 billion this quarter raising its market value to $960 billion. Apple could potentially hit the trillion dollar mark by the next quarter when it rolls out its latest line of products. The company saw solid sales across the board, but particularly the iPhone 8 and X, and specifically for customers in China and Japan. Their Q4 is projected between $60 to $62 billion which is roughly a 16-19 percent increase from last year.

Apple continues to look to make products that hit different price tiers according to CEO Tim Cook as he said the company will “continue to provide different iPhones … for folks to meet their needs.”

Apple is the only tech company on the verge of trillion-dollar status. Amazon comes in at a market value of $870 billion, Google comes in at $845 billion, and Microsoft has a market cap of $815 billion.