Adam22 of No Jumper found himself staring down the barrel of what he believed was a real gun during a recent live-stream.

While appearing on The Cruz Show on Power 106 in Los Angeles, Adam explained what happened from his perspective and filled in the gaps of what viewers didn’t see.

“So I was basically just chilling in the back of my store doing a live-stream. It was my first live-stream in like two weeks because I just had been in Australia for a while, doing some festivals. I have a gun posted up at the door, he’s armed. And then we had food delivered. And this guy sneaks in, passed, like, my guy, when he’s bringing the food in. […] And my guy’s just grabbing the food, like no big deal. He’s looking around, he thinks it’s all good. He doesn’t realize that there’s this kid posted up, lurking and like, hiding by this fence.”

Adam is still unclear on what the motive behind the incident was but ensured everyone how lucky he and the suspect were that things didn’t escalate.