Macy’s and Funimation announced that GokuDragon Ball Super‘s resident blue-haired Super Saiyan, will be joining the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in giant balloon form.


While there have been many versions of Goku over the years, the giant balloon will be modeled after his godlike Super Saiyan Blue form, which first appeared in the feature film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F In addition to turning his hair a lovely shade of blue, it also filled him with heretofore unseen power, which is really saying something considering just how powerful Goku has become over the years. Now Goku will be filled with heretofore unseen amounts of helium to fill out the gigantic balloon.



Measuring 70 feet long, 36 feet wide, and 56 feet tall, the balloon will require more than 100 handlers t0 make it safely through the streets of New York City. The actual balloon has not been revealed yet, but Funimation has published concept art of what the finished product will look like, as well as a behind-the-scenes video about how they worked with Toei Animation to create the balloon concept.




You can catch Goku and the gang squaring off with a fan-favorite face in Dragon Ball Super: Brolywhich hits theaters on January 16, 2019.