Reports surfaced noting over 70,000 festivalgoers in attendance of the Burning Man Festival were stranded.

This was due to the heavy rain that turned the dry lake bed, known as the Pli, into a muddy trap. Tents were flooded, people lost shelter, and some even got electrocuted by live wires hidden in the mud. The situation became so dire that festival organizers took to Twitter to inform everyone to stay put and seek shelter. Emergency vehicles were the only ones allowed on the grounds temporarily, causing celebrations to come to a halt. Some RV drivers tried to escape but were unsuccessful due to the ban on helicopters for evacuation.

In the end, many festival goers had to hike up to six miles to reach the nearest road and find transportation options to leave the area. DJ Diplo and comedian Chris Rock were among those who hitchhiked with fans to the Reno airport hours away.