It has been just about one year since news of 50 Cent’s plan to bring a Black Mafia Family series to television viewers broke, but despite impressions given off by the occasional update that might’ve suggested otherwise, the show isn’t much closer to making the small screen than it was last May, and Fiddy is livid.

The rap mogul-turned-television impresario took to Instagram on Thursday morning, May 24, with an update on where the process is at with the production, and a warning that might not go over well with the executives over at Starz. In the process, Fif gassed fans up about just how great he sees the potential for the show being, if only the network would step its involvement in the series’ development up.

“Sorry for the wait but lt’s important this story is told correctly. BMF is going to be bigger than POWER. We completed 5 drafts for the pilot, l changed the writer showrunners to get this correct,” he wrote. “The STARZ network better stop dragging their feet or I’m out. F**k lt.”

Over the years, 50 Cent and Starz have had an up and down relationship that on several occasions has prompted him to lash out publicly, particularly as it has always concerned the interests of Power. For example, last July he scolded producers for shortening what was meant to be a two-part episode down to one.