2 Chainz recently connected with Steve Stoute for his show ‘Crate Talk.’ While on the show, the rapper revealed that he turned down a record deal with Jay-Z.

The rapper noted he passed on the deal so that he could work with another person in Atlanta—DJ Teknikz. 2 Chainz said he was on Kanye’s radar, and that led to Hov becoming aware. He said

“So after Kanye called everyday, I got a call from Hov. And Hov was like, ‘I want you to come to New York, I heard you making a lot of noise.’ And the only reason that I did not go was because I said, ‘Can I bring my buddy Tek with me?’ He was like, ‘Why you wanna bring your DJ for?’ But I’m trying to tell them that bruh helped me get to the point where I’m on your radar, you know what I’m saying? I couldn’t go by myself. I just chose loyalty.”