According to reports, 2 Chainz plans to expand his Esco restaurant chain across the country, six years after he opened the first location in 2016. 

While speaking on the move, 2 Chainz said he and his business partner Mychel “Snoop” Dillard signed their first franchise agreement for Esco after successfully running their three Atlanta locations.

“Dillard’s one of the people that really made my transition into this hospitality space easier because originally my introduction to the space was real estate. I own properties and dirt and stuff like that. So that merged with her passion and mine and made me very comfortable in this space going on six years now.”

The move by 2 Chainz and Mychel Dillard is unique and comes after 2 Chainz was sued for using the intellectual property of Pablo Escobar in 2020. The artist ended up settling with the family of Escobar for $15,000.