French spoke about his new record, his upcoming record on Pop Smoke’s “Faith” Deluxe, how he ended his beef with Jim Jones & 50 Cent + more.

Pop Smoke’s “Faith” drops tonight, with the release of the main album a deluxe is sure to follow suit as “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For the Moon’s” deluxe dropped a week later. Explaining to Angie how French had received some records to work on for Pop’s album but missed his deadline, however, he did share with us that Rick Ross & The Dream are also on the song which may drop Monday….

As for squashing his public beef with Jim Jones and 50 Cent, French explained that the Jim Jones situation was a long time coming to squash and that he was just happy to squash it because he’s such a big fan of Jim. French also shared he’s still working on getting Jim and Max B to end their long feud. As for 50 Cent, squashing the beef was as simple as “We just stopped beefing, that’s it”.