China has been making it a point to test out new initiatives related to driving, and now AutoX, a company that is backed by Alibaba, has revealed they fully rolled out Robotaxis with no drivers on public roads in Shenzhen, China.

AutoX noted they are the first company in China to make the move. China previously required companies operating autonomous vehicles to have a safety driver present if the vehicle was operating on public roads. However, AutoX has removed the safety drivers or remote operators from the local fleet of cars in the Shenzhen province. The government reportedly isnโ€™t enforcing restrictions as to where AutoX can operate in the city. Despite the lack of restriction, AutoX noted they are operating in the downtown area of Shenzhen. The company released a video showcasing a minivan from their fleet of 25 vehicles in the autonomous program in action. AutoX noted the initiative is still in trial mode.