In a shocking incident, authorities in Pinellas County are investigating a death involving a massive alligator.

The incident occurred in the Ridgecrest area near 134th Avenue North and 121st Street. The police presence at the scene has since cleared out, but earlier there were dozens of Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers present. The body was discovered near a manmade drainage ditch on 134th Street North, and in the same area, a large alligator was found. Aerial footage from Sky Fox revealed the alligator, estimated to be over ten feet long, lying in the street. This shocking sight left many neighbours in disbelief, as alligator attacks are uncommon in the Ridgecrest area.

One witness reported hearing the sirens and confirmed that there had been a gator attack. They also witnessed the moment the alligator was shot and the subsequent removal of the enormous creature. The alligator was loaded onto a flatbed truck before being taken away for further examination.

The authorities received the initial 911 call reporting the incident in the early afternoon. The investigation is still ongoing, and many questions remain unanswered. It is crucial to await further updates as the authorities work to piece together what happened in this tragic incident.