According to reports, a massive amount of cocaine washed ashore at the Cape Canaveral Space Force station in May 2021.

The Department of Homeland Security reportedly opened an investigation after almost 30 kilograms of cocaine turned up at the station. The discovery was made by a surveyor who was looking for sea turtles, but ultimately found white-looking packages. When police got on the scene, they reportedly found 24 packages of cocaine that were scattered along the beach. Drug agents allege that the dump happened as smugglers were trying to get away from the police. Lt. Colonel Tim McCarty spoke on the matter, saying:

โ€œThis will be the biggest one that weโ€™ve ever had at Patrick Space Force Base in the entire recorded history.โ€

News of this comes after it was reported that millions of dollars of drugs were found from Miami to Jacksonville, with packages of cocaine that featured symbols along with pictures to mark the work. The symbols, which featured an oatmeal insignia, were allegedly used to ID the cocaine.