18 Apr

Pentagon Confirms Leaked Video of Pyramid Shaped UFO is Real

Recently, a triangle-shaped objects that flew over a U.S. warship were confirmed to be real by the Pentagon. Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, a Las Vegas-based reporter who has covered UFO-related stories for decades, released the video and photos, which were originally captured by U.S. Navy personnel. Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough confirmed to

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17 Apr

Scientists Create Half Human, Half Ape Embryos for Transplant Organs

For the first time in history, scientists have created an early-stage embryo that is half-human, half-ape. Medical journal Cell published the findings, which showed an image of the early-stage chimeric embryo with cells of different species origins, as pictured above. Scientists used fluorescent antibody-based stains, where the red color indicates human cells. While the embryos were created to see

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