According to reports, Michael Jordan is the presenter for the late Kobe Bryant’s Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had a longstanding friendship and bond that evolved off the court. Jordan often referred to Kobe as his little brother and opened up about their bond during Kobe’s memorial service in February 2020. When Kobe made an appearance on ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary, he credited Jordan with helping him maturation process:

“It was a rough couple years for me coming into the league, ‘cause at the time the league was so much older, it’s not as young as it is today. So nobody was really thinking much of me, I was a kid that shot a bunch of air balls, you know what I mean? And at that point, Michael provided a lot of guidance for me. Like I had a question about shooting this turnaround shot, so I asked him about it. He gave me a great, detailed answer but on top of that, he said, ‘If you ever need anything, give me a call.’ That’s like my big brother.”

Considering the extent of their friendship, it’s unsurprising that MJ is Kobe’s presenter.