According to reports, Alicia Keys has partnered with the NFL, as the two have created a fund that will support Black businesses and communities. The amount put forth in the partnership will equal $1 billion.

The endowment fund will be lead by Black people, and the purpose of the fund is to “create long term solutions with a focus on Black entrepreneurs, businesses, communities, Black schools, banks, and other Black institutions while addressing persistent social, economic and environmental disparities,” according to the singer.

Alicia Keys gave more insight into the plan for the endowment fund via Billboard, saying:

“The initial goal of $1 billion is to ensure a substantial commitment. Even with that, it does not come close to closing the economic gap. The next steps are to reach out to different industries to invite them to invest in racial justice and create a multi-billion dollar endowment across business sectors. Four years ago, Colin Kaepernick’s resistance by taking a knee in silent protest was a brave and necessary stand to increase our awareness of the acts and consequences of police brutality. He is still way ahead of his time. What is being accomplished by this performance, and these new commitments are meant to deeply honor that this moment is a direct result of his courage and prophecy.”